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…. keep scrolling down to find out how we calculate your offer… 👇


This is what everyone wants to know… how much will we pay for their home. Once you provide your address and the condition of the home we begin getting your offer together. Look below to see how our offer is calculated.

reno price repairs

Every Offer Starts with the Renovation Value Of The Home.

How We Calculate The Reno Price?

We have your address, your square footage, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, etc… now we look for a fully renovated home that has sold in the last 3 months in your city less than 1/2 mile from your home. *The appraiser will do the exact same thing if someone finances the purchase of your home.

Which Home Below Will Sell Fastest…

Sell Your House Now

House 1: New Kitchen and flooring but outdated bathroom. Sold $445,000

House 2: Outdated kitchen, but renovated bathroom and has new flooring. Sold $420,000

House 3: New Kitchen, Bathrooms, Flooring and paint inside and out. Sold $466,000

If you picked number 3 you are correct! At $466,000 Reno Price this home had the most renovated kitchen and looked the best out of the three.

How We Calculate Repairs?

We base this on the form you complete online and a quick conversation. The more information you can provide along with any upgrades you have done, the better price we are able to give you. In this example, we will assume your home needs $20,000 in repairs to bring it up to same level as the home that sold for $466,000.

How We Calculate Selling Costs

We look at your location, the city, the county, title, future realtor fees, termite repairs/fumigation, any repairs a finicky buyer may want that we will have to incur when we sell the home and estimate the total closing for both transactions at 10%. For this example we would estimate selling costs at $466,000*10% = $46,600 Selling Costs

How We Calculate Profit?

When looking at profit we look at many factors, the location of the home, is it on a cul-da-sac or does it back up to a street, is it in a flight path, is it a seller’s market, is it a buyer’s market, was the home built in the 20’s with knob and tube wiring, are we heading into fall/winter when home selling slows down, are there no comparable homes that have sold, if it’s a larger renovation will we be in a new real estate market in 4-6 months, etc.? For this example, we would look for $35,000 profit as it’s a great real estate market and should sell quickly.

Drumroll…. Cash offer for your home is…

reno price
reno price

How Much MORE Can You Make Listing Your Home?

Your sale price would be lower to reflect a non-renovated home of $420,000.

reno price repairs

What’s The Most Money You May Get If You Renovated Your Home?

Your sale price could be higher at $466k to reflect the renovations you did but depending on the length of the renovation it may push your sale into a new real estate market. The market could be higher or lower in 4-6 months when the work is completed. In addition, our costs are usually lower than the public can get work done and therefore your renovation costs would be higher at around $28,000-$30,000. This is also assuming nothing went wrong with the renovations and if you watch HGTV…. somethings ALWAYS goes wrong.

reno price

We are honest and upfront homebuyers… and you will almost always get MORE money with the last two options…. but they take patience, time and some extra money.

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