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Sell Your House Fast From Glendora to Highland

We Buy Houses Fast For Cash In Los Angeles, Riverside & San Bernardino Counties. Check Out Our Home Buying Process Today!

Diamond Home Buyers Inc., based in Rancho Cucamonga, is a safe and dependable business to work with in selling your home quickly in as little as 7 days. As your local Professional Home Buyer we can buy your home today for cash. We buy with no repairs needed with a Fast Fair Cash Offers, No Closing Costs, No showings, No Commissions no more paying that expensive mortgage. We can be the Last Buyer you will work with and we make it very easy!

We Buy Homes For Cash With Any Issue

Is that mortgage payment becoming too overwhelming to handle each month? Are you trying to plan for your future and the uncertainty of when your home may actual sell throw a wrench in your plans? Are your noisy neighbors going to hassle you and try and get you to list your home with them? Has your life changed and you need a fresh start? Do you need to tap into the equity in your home but the banks just won’t help? Did you inherit a property and you don’t want to deal with the headache of being a Landlord? Diamond Home Buyers Inc. will buy your home today and make the process as smooth as possible.

  • Retiring or downsizing
  • Has your life circumstances changed
  • Tired of being a landlord
  • Received Bank Notices about late payments
  • Worried about how long it will take to list your home
  • Inherited property but need/want to sell fast

Sell Your Home And Pay No Commission/Closing Costs

Did you know that when you list your home with a realtor you pay two commissions? One goes to the Realtor that listed your property and the other goes to the future buyer’s Realtor. Save your hard earned money and don’t wait up to 6 months to cash in on your homes equity. We pay all your normal closing costs. Follow along below to see how it works…

Tom Onogi Diamond Home Buyers Inc.

“Need to Sell My House Fast For Cash”

We always tell people… you will always net the most money listing your home with a Realtor. But these questions need to be answered: Would it be nice if you sold your home start to finish in 7 days? Are you interested in picking when your home closes and immediately know how much it will sell for? Do you want to know what type of buyer you will deal with throughout the process? Would you want to deal with a fantastic team that will walk you through everything, handling all the payoffs with your banks, and they make sure your title is free and clear through the county without you having to pick up the phone can call them?

We always wish this would happen when we sell our houses but if you list your home with a Realtor the process takes a lot longer. However, if your answer is YES to all of the questions above, let us give you a fair cash offer today by filling out the form below. Check out our process below…

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Legitimate, local and Reputable Professional Home Buyer is what you will find with Diamond Home Buyers Inc. See the steps below to see how you can sell your home fast and with no hassle…

Cash for Houses In San Bernardino, LA, and Riverside?

Who buys houses fast in Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino counties? Diamond Home Buyers Inc. can solve your problem and take away your headaches. We buy homes fast for cash …. see how the process works below:

Step 1


We research the details of your home and start crafting your offer once we know your property.

Step 2


Receive a fair cash offer that has No Fees, No Closing Costs, and it is no obligation whatsoever.

Step 3


Choose the date you want to close and get paid NOW not in 6-12 months.

Who is a reputable and legitimate Home Buyer in Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino counties? Diamond Home Buyers Inc. is. You should never feel pressure when dealing with selling your home. We like to present you with some options and give you the information to help make the best decision possible for your current situation. Even if the best thing is to stay in your current home! Keep reading below…

We Buy Homes Quickly at Diamond Home Buyers Inc.


  • Get paid today so you can move toward your future
  • We are by your side from the day you sign to closing
  • Time us how fast we contact you once you send us your address….

You don’t need to repair your home or continuing paying the Bank… contact us today.

Sell your home with no repairs, no closing costs, without listing your home and no open houses in 7 days if you want. 

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We Buy Homes In San Bernardino Like This

It is so stressful moving, let alone packing! We can make the process very easy and pain free. Are you worried about how you will get rid of all the stuff you won’t want to take with you? Do you wish you could pack one suitcase and take off? Do you want to take the 1980’s couch in your living room to your next home? It can be a big burden selling your home, let alone moving your things. If you need, we can take care of disposing of anything you don’t want to take with you… just let us know up front!

  • LET US know what you want to leave behind BEFORE we give you an offer.
  • ACCEPT our fair cash offer.
  • GRAB YOUR BAG and whatever you want to bring with you… we’ll handle the rest!

We Buy Homes For Cash In Los Angeles, San Bernardino or Riverside Counties Today!

You don’t need more stress or pressure in your current situation. Our job isn’t to just buy your home quickly but to make the process as seamless and worry free. People work with us because we follow through and get people to the finish line of selling their home quickly and safely. We are Professional Home Buyers who make sure we backup what we say with our actions. One action we take that is unique from other “investors” is that we actually place thousands of dollars down when we get a property under contract that guarantees our commitment to buy your home. It doesn’t matter if the stock market shifts, the housing market tumbles in the middle of buying your home, rest assured we will buy your home. and the our deposit backs up what we say.

  • Close in 7 days or more

We have access to large amounts of capital to close on any property up to $1.5 million dollars in as little as 7 days or 30 days depending on what you need.

  • We are a legitimate and reputable Home Buyer

We are local, dependable and safe to work with. You may contact “investors” who aren’t local to southern California, maybe they are out of state. You may deal with a small private investor who doesn’t have a legitimate business registered with the state of California. Or you may contact a large corporation that hides behind contracts written by lawyers who hide special fees and verbiage to back out. Diamond Home Buyers Inc. prides ourselves at keeping your safety in mind and following through to the end. We are a registered corporation with the state of California.

  • We will buy your house with no repairs needed

Is your roof leaking a little bit of water? Maybe a few doors have holes in them or the air conditioning doesn’t work? Rest assured we buy homes in all conditions quickly.

  • 100% No Obligation Free Cash Offers

We know it’s hard to decide to sell your home and it’s our job to present you with your options? We don’t use pressure tactics… we understand sometimes your best move it stay right where you are!

  • No Multiple Showings To Strangers

When you list a home with a Realtor is the start to showings of your home. You may get a call at 6PM in the middle of dinner that someone wants to see your home in 15 minutes. Can you imagine eating your food, trying to get your house picked up and having to do this multiple times throughout the day or weeks it is listed? If you sell your home to Diamond Home Buyers Inc there is just ONE company walking through your home that has cash to buy your home quickly. If you want random strangers walking through your home, touching your things or just one buyer like us?

  • You Don’t Pay Commissions Or Closing Costs

Save your money on a real estate agent and don’t pay any commission and we will pay all the closing costs to get your home sold.

You Have Lots Of Options, Why Us?

We are a legitimate, safe, Local Professional Home Buyer that purchases property from Long Beach, to Upland, to Highland and even out near Palm Springs. We make sure each seller understands their options they have before them, where they can maximize their value in their home, and we tell the truth. We always are upfront with homeowners that they will always maximize their money if they have patience and can list on the open market just like we do. We solve complex situations involving tenants, foreclosure notices, out of state owners, liens, taxes, and any change in life circumstances.

Every company does business differently… some “investors” will resell your home before you even get to the closing table, some “investors” agree on a price and two weeks later ask you to lower the price or they will walk away… Diamond Home Buyers Inc a Professional Home Buyer always closes on the home with no middleman for the original price we agree on. Remember unlike “investors”, we are a Professional Home Buying local corporation that purchases your home fast for cash, no repairs, no commissions, no closing costs in the timeframe you choose. Get your free no obligation fair cash offer today by providing your address to get the process started!

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