4 Surefire Ways of Getting Rid of Bad Tenants

4 Surefire Ways of Getting Rid of Bad Tenants

Are you struggling with bad tenants but don’t know how to get rid of them? Bad tenants are a nuisance, from not paying rent to damaging your property. When you take the legal course, you could end up with high legal fees, eviction court charges, and more. Follow these legitimate ways to get rid of frustrating tenants from your property.

1. Raise the Rent

If your tenants are a nuisance but not violating the lease, you can try raising the rent. But ensure that the rent amount is within your state’s legal limits.

2. Don’t Renew the Lease

Send the bad tenants a legal notice about not renewing their lease well in advance. While some states require you to give a valid reason for the non-renewal of the lease, most states only require you to provide sufficient notice. Send a polite note informing them that you wouldn’t be renewing the lease, and attach the moving out policy if you have one.

3. Help Them Find a New Place

It may sound like too much work, but if you want your bad tenants out quickly, help them find suitable property listings and rental agencies in your area. You can connect them with the local community to help them find a new place to live.

4. Inform Them of the Legal Consequences

If the tenants are breaking the contract or the law, inform them of the legal consequences of their actions. You can give them a long list of reasons why they should leave, including issues with lawsuits, ruined credit, and collections. This step may be your last resort if you have already tried approaching the problems in other ways.

How to Avoid Bad Tenants

Tenant screening is a vital part of renting properties. It is a good idea to screen your tenants before you offer them the lease. Even after that, you need to conduct regular inspections and closely monitor your tenants. Do not wait for the problem to grow exponentially before serving the eviction notice.

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