7 Factors You May Not Know Affect The Value Of Your Home

Factor Affect The Value Of Your Home

The size and location of your house aren’t the only factors that determine its value. Several factors collectively determine the value of a home, and some of these factors are not discussed often. For example, your house number, noisy neighbors, and even your street name can all be relevant when you’re selling your home fast in Upland. Here are seven more factors that often get cited when potential buyers walk away from home sales:

1. The Street Name

Since streets are often associated with neighborhoods, some buyers won’t buy a property if it’s on a street that’s synonymous with a bad neighborhood. They want to be able to brag to their friends and family about their neighborhood and location, so a strange, funny, or unpopular street name just won’t work for them.

2. Loud Neighbors

Most people want their house to be a private space—a place where one can freely unwind and relax. But how can you do this with loud neighbors about? This is why the appearance of loud neighbors often discourages potential buyers during an open house.

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3. House Number

You may come across potential buyers who believe in numerology, or people who are just obsessed with numbers. Many buyers will reject a house because they don’t like the number it bears. 13 is shunned the most—even if the numbers add up to 13, the application may be rejected.

4. Sketchy Neighbors

Some potential buyers will refuse to consider a home if they suspect that the neighbors are sketchy. It may be that the neighbors seem to be involved in crime or something else that’s fishy. So if sketchy neighbors are out when you’re showing, be prepared to lose a lot of interest.

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5. A Murder Or Suicide In The Area

A murder or suicide in the neighborhood could mean it’s unsafe. And almost all potential buyers are put off by a home with such a violent history. Even if a home is in great shape, most people don’t want to live in a place that was once the scene of a crime.

6. Huge Yard

Having a huge yard is beneficial for a variety of reasons, but it’s hard to maintain a huge yard. You have to cut the grass, weed, and perform other maintenance year round. This can be a huge commitment, which is why many buyers prefer smaller yards.

7. Proximity To The Freeway Or A Busy Street

Being close to a freeway or a busy street is a huge turnoff for buyers. The constant traffic noise and increased exposure to pollution can make it impossible for a homeowner to relax and unwind. Even if a house has no major flaws, if it’s near a freeway or busy street, it’s likely it’ll take awhile for the property to sell.

A variety of factors collectively determine the value of a home. But as a homeowner, some of these factors are out of your control. If you’re wondering “how can I sell my house fast in Upland, the best option is to sell your house for cash. Fill out this short form and our team will contact you to discuss your options!

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