Roof Maintenance Tips for Homeowners: 4 DIY Tips to Extend the Life of Your Roof

Roof Maintenance Tips for Homeowners: 4 DIY Tips to Extend the Life of Your Roof

When it comes to home maintenance, the roof is the last thing on anyone’s mind. Yet, it’s a crucial part of the home’s structural integrity, and neglecting it can be costly in the long run. Here is a list of quick roof maintenance tips that will keep your roof strong for years to come.

Splurge on UV Protection

Just like ultraviolet (UV) rays are harmful to the skin, they can also impact your home. For example, in Glendora, California, UV indices are high throughout the year. As a result, your roof can degrade faster than in the northern states, where the UV index isn’t as high. UV rays can affect all roofs, including wood, metal, tile, shingles, and asphalt.

The easiest way to protect your roof from the deteriorating impacts of UV rays is by applying UV-protection roof coating. These substances act as an extra layer on the roof, protecting your home from the harmful effects of UV rays and heat exposure. The right coating can extend your roof’s life by 15 years.

Trim Trees

Low hanging branches and dead branches can scratch the roof’s protective layers. If these damages continue unchecked, it can allow water to seep through to the underlying membrane. Additionally, branches can snap during a storm causing serious dents or cracks on your roof.

Trimming trees also help you stay clear of rodent troubles. Rodents like mice, rats, and other smaller creatures are incredible climbers and can climb up a tree to hop onto the roof using a low-hanging branch. They can make holes in your roof and reach your attic, causing further structural damage to the property. You can avoid these issues by trimming trees, removing dead branches, and pruning overgrowth regularly.

Remove Debris

Debris buildup on your roof makes your home look dirty and old and can also lead to extensive damage. Check your roof periodically to ensure no accumulation of dry leaves, dirt, and other loose objects. Look for dark green or black stains that indicate moss, mold, or algae overgrowth on the roof. Parts of the roof in the shade are more likely to attract algae and moss. You can also hire professional roof cleaners to remove algae and moss growth and treat the roof with specialized chemicals. These chemicals help restore the roof’s natural beauty and avoid further damage.

Clear the Gutters

When maintained properly, the gutters protect the roof by draining water and other small debris away from the roof and your home’s foundation. To ensure that the gutters do their job correctly, you need to keep them clear of leaves, fallen sticks, and other debris. If you do not have trees in your yard or nearby, it’s enough to clean the gutters once or twice a year to keep stormwater and debris flowing correctly. If you have several trees on your property, cleaning the gutters at least once every three months will keep them in good condition.

Use These Tips to Extend Your Roof’s Life

Prevention is better than a cure. Maintaining your roof helps you save thousands of dollars on extensive roof repairs and renovations.

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